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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
  • How do I remove a Mugshot?
    You must send us information from your local county government showing why your mugshot should be removed. (example: your case was thrown out) In the state of Georgia it is against the law to charge for mugshot removal so we will not do it. Do not even ask us, we will just put your mugshot on the homepage. Subscribing to premium services allows access to search archived arrest data, the watchlist arrest notification service. .
  • How do I keep my mug from appearing in the printed newspapers?
    We have no affilation with any printed media publications. Georgiamugs.com is a digital, web only publication. You will need to contact the printed publications directly.
  • I removed someones mugshot but I still see it in search engine results?
    It can take a few days or even a few weeks for search engines like Google to remove deleted arrest data. However, the mugshot will no longer appear on our website after removal. Be patient, all traces will soon disappear.
Arrest Notification Questions
  • How does it work?
    Georgiamugs.com collects arrest and booking data 24 hours a day 7 days a week and stores it on our secure servers. When you are given access to the Watchlist system you have the option to add a specific person of interest to your "watch list". If that person of interest is incarcerated in a Watchlist supported correctional facility, you will be alerted with a text message and an email. These alerts include the persons full name, charges, bond amount, mugshot, and the facility where the individual is incarcerated. .
  • How do I become a member?
    If you are interested in using our services, Please click to become a member. Our simple signup process is fast and easy. Once you are registered, you will be able to add persons of interest to your account immediately.
  • Is there a limit on how many alerts I can recieve?
    No! The amount of alerts you can receive via text message and/or email are unlimited! We do not charge for the amount of alerts you receive. However, monitoring more than one person at a time requires additional credits. Even if you monitor multiple people, the overall amount of alerts you can receive is unlimited.
  • What are "Available Credits Remaining"?
    When logged in, your available credits are shown to you on the sidebar. These numbers reflect the amount of "money" or credits you have at your disposal to add people of interest. Each addition of a person cost one (1) credit against your account when used. You may buy additional credits to allow the monitoring of more people or upgrade your account to a plan that allows more credits total.
  • Can I monitor multiple people?
    Yes! The most people you can monitor at one time is fifty (50) at this time. However, The amount of notifications you can receive for each person remains unlimited!
  • What are MMS and SMS notifications?
    MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service, this service allows Georigamugs to push images and other media attachments to your phone directly through a text message. Short Messaging Service (SMS) only allows basic text up to 160 characters in length. If you wish to receive the mugshot of your person of interest via text message, allow MMS notifications in your account info section.
  • Is my information confidential?
    Absolutely! We will not share, sell or otherwise distribute your information with anyone. All data you supply to us is private, including all email addresses phone numbers, addresses, passwords, persons of interest on your watchlist, notifications and any other information belonging to your personal account.
  • Does it cost money to receive text alerts?
    We do not charge to send out individual MMS or SMS messages, however, your service provider may charge you a fee to receive the messages. Typically, your standard SMS/MMS text rates apply. Please speak with your provider for details about your text limitations, cost and availability.
  • How do I stop receiving text messages?
    Simply reply "STOP" to any text notification you receive to turn off text notifications. Alternatively, you can remove the person of interest from your watchlist or disable notifications from your account details page.
Technical Questions
  • Someone I was monitoring was booked or released. I didn't get the message, why?
    There are a few reasons why you may not have received the alert. The most common reason is mis spelling of the persons name on your watch list. Make sure you have the persons correct legal name. Our system does not try to find close matches, it only matches identical names and information. Another common reason alerts fail to be delivered is invalid account information in your My Account settings. Please make sure you have the proper notifications settings turned on and the phone number / email address is valid. Lastly, sometimes the jail in which we receive the data has errors in it or is delayed because of user error, power outage, server failure, phone provider issues or other acts of God. We brag that our service works 99% of the time, We're sure you will say the same. .
  • I received an alert, but no mug was attached, why?
    In order to deliver mugs to your mobile device, we must know the carrier or service provider. This allows us to deliver pictures to your phone via the MMS messaging service. Please visit My Account settings to verify you have inputed the correct carrier for your device. Other reasons why a mug may be missing is because the jail may not have supplied a mug at the time of booking. When jail docketrooms are busy, they will sometimes proceed with booking inmates and take their mug shot later. We will update the mugs in our system when they become available. You may check your My Notifications page in your stats area to see information on alerts you have received.
  • I get multiple messages for one alert, why?
    You will receive a notification for every notification setting you have allowed in your account info section. If you have chosen to allow SMS, MMS and Email notifications, you will receive an alert to each of these devices/addresses.